Coriander Seeds

“Coriander” a word derived from a Greek word is one of the important spices in our day-to-day life. Coriander Seeds are globular and almost round in shape with greenish brown in color and a strong aroma. They form an essential part of the Curry powder & various spices blends in India. Coriander has many medicinal values & it promotes natural healing. Coriander Leaves also are popular for garnishing of variety of Indian dishes.

Some of the major producing states of Coriander in India are Rajasthan,Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh. The peak harvesting season for Coriander Seeds is January to March.

Standard Packing :- 50 Kg In New Singe Jute Bags.
Quantity Stuffed :- 20 FCL-14 –15 M.Tons